Polymere Biomaterialien als zelluläre Mikromilieus


Polymeric biomaterials can be instrumental for expanding and differentiating stem and progenitor cells in culture. Key to success of these approaches is the defined modulation of biomolecular and physical signals governing cellular microenvironments. Current concepts for effective stem cell culture carriers rely on cell-secreted decellularized matrices, reconstituted assemblies of biopolymers of extracellular matrices and on biohybrid or fully synthetic polymer hydrogels with bioactive units.

DOI: 10.1007/s12268-012-0197-5

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@article{Pompe2012PolymereBA, title={Polymere Biomaterialien als zellul{\"a}re Mikromilieus}, author={Tilo Pompe and Marina C Prewitz and Carsten Werner}, journal={BIOspektrum}, year={2012}, volume={18}, pages={382-384} }