Polymer optical fiber twisted macro-bend coupling system for liquid level detection.

  title={Polymer optical fiber twisted macro-bend coupling system for liquid level detection.},
  author={Yu-Long Hou and Wen-Yi Liu and Shan Su and Hui-Xin Zhang and Jiawei Zhang and Jun Liu and J. J. Xiong},
  journal={Optics express},
  volume={22 19},
The liquid level detection principle of cladding mode frustrated total internal reflection (CMFTIR) effect is proposed. The significant enhancement of CMFTIR effect is realized through macro-bend coupling system in which the dark-field coupling phenomenon between two multimode polymer optic fibers is observed through experiment. Especially twisted macro-bend coupling structure (TMBCS) is adopted to achieve stable coupling of two naked POF. The testing result showed that the dark-filed forward… CONTINUE READING

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