Polymer-filler interactions in composites with grafted filler particles

  title={Polymer-filler interactions in composites with grafted filler particles},
  author={Geoffrey C. Eastmond and G. Mucciariello},
  • Geoffrey C. Eastmond, G. Mucciariello
  • Published 1982
  • Materials Science
  • Abstract PMMA grafts were grown from the surfaces of glass beads and the grafted beads were used to fill PMMA homopolymer using solvent casting procedures. Interactions between grafts and matrix chains were investigated by examination of scanning electron micrographs of fracture surfaces of composite materials. It was demonstrated that, while grafts on adjacent beads are mutually miscible, grafts are immiscible with homopolymer chains at equilibrium. Formation of entanglements between graft and… CONTINUE READING

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