Polymer-entrapped rhizobium as an inoculant for legumes

  title={Polymer-entrapped rhizobium as an inoculant for legumes},
  author={G. Jung and J. Mugnier and Hoang G. Diem and Y. R. Dommergues},
  journal={Plant and Soil},
Field and cylinder experiments conducted in France and in Senegal showed that polyacrylamide, previously proposed as an entrapping gel for preparing Rhizobium inoculants, could be replaced by alginate (AER inoculant) or a mixture of xanthan and carob gum (XER inoculant). Semi-dried or dried AER and XER were used successfully provided that their storage time was less than 90 days. In soil inoculation trails, no marked differences were observed among semi-dried XER, dried AER, and dried XER. A… CONTINUE READING