Polymer-demixed nanotopography: control of fibroblast spreading and proliferation.

  title={Polymer-demixed nanotopography: control of fibroblast spreading and proliferation.},
  author={Matthew J. Dalby and Mathis O Riehle and Heather J H Johnstone and Stanley Affrossman and Adam S. G. Curtis},
  journal={Tissue engineering},
  volume={8 6},
Cell response to nanometric scale topography is a growing field. Nanometric topography production has traditionally relied on expensive and time-consuming techniques such as electron beam lithography. This presents disadvantages to the cell biologist in regard to material availability. New research is focusing on less expensive methods of nanotopography production for in vitro cell engineering. One such method is the spontaneous demixing of polymers (in this case polystyrene and… CONTINUE READING

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