Polymer-analogous transformations of polyvinyl alcohol

  title={Polymer-analogous transformations of polyvinyl alcohol},
  author={M. L. Eritsyan and R. A. Karamyan and A. G. Sumbulyan and Gurgen S. Petrosyan and L. N. Eritsyan},
  journal={Russian Journal of Applied Chemistry},
Modification of polyvinyl alcohol with monomethylolurea and 4,5-dihydroxyimidazolidin-2-one was performed in a wide temperature interval (40–80°С). Irrespective of the initial conditions, modification with the monofunctional agent yielded a non-cross-linked polyfunctional product, which was subsequently used for developing compounds for various purposes. The kinetics of the modifier grafting to the polymer was studied, which is important for controlling the process and choosing its optimum… CONTINUE READING

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