Polylactic acid-nanocrystalline carbonated hydroxyapatite (PLA-cHAP) composite: preparation and surface topographical structuring with direct laser writing (DLW)

  title={Polylactic acid-nanocrystalline carbonated hydroxyapatite (PLA-cHAP) composite: preparation and surface topographical structuring with direct laser writing (DLW)},
  author={Edita Garskaite and Laurynas Alinauskas and Mari{\'a}n Drienovsk{\'y} and Jozef Krajcovic and Roman {\vC}i{\vc}ka and Mari{\'a}n Palcut and Linas Jonu{\vs}auskas and Mangirdas Malinauskas and Živilė Stankevi{\vc}iūtė and Aivaras Kareiva},
The fabrication of polylactic acid (PLA)-carbonated hydroxyapatite (cHAP) composite material from synthesised phase pure nano-cHAP and melted PLA by mechanical mixing at 220-235 °C has been developed in this study. Topographical structuring of PLA-cHAP composite surfaces was performed by direct laser writing (DLW). Microstructured surfaces and the apatite distribution within the composite and formed grooves were evaluated by optical and scanning electron microscopies. The influence of the… 

Fabrication and investigation of high-quality glass-ceramic (GC)–polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) composite for regenerative medicine

The preparation of a glass-ceramic (GC)–polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) composite material is reported. Precursor GC powders were synthesised via sol–gel method at 600 °C. XRD analysis revealed the

Preparation and Characterization of Hydroxyapatite Coating on AZ31 Magnesium Alloy Induced by Carboxymethyl Cellulose-Dopamine

Corrosion resistance tests have proved the protective effect of Carboxymethyl cellulose-Dopamine/hydroxyapatite (CMC-DA/HA) coating on the surface of AZ31 alloy and the coating also showed good biocompatibility.

Morphology, Crystallization and Thermal Behaviors of PLA-Based Composites: Wonderful Effects of Hybrid GO/PEG via Dynamic Impregnating

The unique blending technique of hybrid GO/PEG via dynamic impregnating is an effective approach to enhance the property range of PLA and is suitable for many industrial applications.

Effect of Microwave Irradiation on the Synthesis of Carbonated Hydroxyapatite (CHA) from Chicken Eggshell

The main inorganic constituent of human bone is carbonated-hydroxyapatite (CHA). Chicken eggshells (CES) become potential waste which can be used for biomaterial synthesis because it contains of 94%

Sol–gel synthesis of calcium phosphate-based biomaterials—A review of environmentally benign, simple, and effective synthesis routes

It was demonstrated that the sol–gel synthesis method is a powerful tool for the synthesis of calcium hydroxyapatite and other phosphates, and different calcium phosphate-based composites at mild synthetic conditions resulted in high reproducibility, high phase purity, and desired morphology.

Adsorption of cadmium and lead from palm oil mill effluent using bone-composite: optimisation and isotherm studies

ABSTRACT The adsorption of Cd and Pb ions from palm oil mill effluent on a mesoporous-activated cow bone composite powder has been investigated. Adsorbent was developed from cow bones, coconut shells

Hybrid additive-subtractive femtosecond 3D manufacturing of nanofilter-based microfluidic separator

The femtosecond (fs) laser is a well-established tool in material processing. Due to highly nonlinear light–matter interaction in a time frame shorter than heat dissipation from the laser affected



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The xishacorene natural products are structurally unique apolar diterpenoids that feature a bicyclo[3.3.1] framework. These secondary metabolites likely arise from the well-studied, structurally


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