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Polyhedral Approaches to Machine Scheduling

  title={Polyhedral Approaches to Machine Scheduling},
  author={M. Queyranne and Andreas S. Schulz},
  • M. Queyranne, Andreas S. Schulz
  • Published 2008
  • Computer Science
  • We provide a review and synthesis of polyhedral approaches to machine scheduling problems. The choice of decision variables is the prime determinant of various formulations for such problems. Constraints, such as facet inducing inequalities for corresponding polyhedra, are often needed, in addition to those just required for the validity of the initial formulation, in order to obtain useful lower bounds and structural insights. We review formulations based on time–indexed variables; on linear… CONTINUE READING
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    On the relationship between combinatorial and LP-based lower bounds for NP-hard scheduling problems
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    A family of inequalities valid for the robust single machine scheduling polyhedron
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    On the equivalence of the max-min transportation lower bound and the time-indexed lower bound for single-machine scheduling problems
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    Dual relaxations of the time-indexed ILP formulation for min–sum scheduling problems
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    Scheduling two chains of unit jobs on one machine: A polyhedral study
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    Decomposition Algorithm for the Single Machine Scheduling Polytope
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    Parallel Machine Scheduling by Column Generation
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    A Computational Study of the Job-Shop Scheduling Problem
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