Polyglot synthesis using a mixture of monolingual corpora

  title={Polyglot synthesis using a mixture of monolingual corpora},
  author={Javier Latorre and Koji Iwano and Sadaoki Furui},
  journal={Proceedings. (ICASSP '05). IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech, and Signal Processing, 2005.},
  pages={I/1-I/4 Vol. 1}
The paper proposes a new approach to multilingual synthesis based on an HMM synthesis technique. The idea consists of combining data from different monolingual speakers in different languages to create a single polyglot average voice. This average voice is then transformed into any real speaker's voice of one of these languages. The speech synthesized in this way has the same intelligibility and retains the same individuality for all the languages mixed to create the average voice, regardless… CONTINUE READING
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