Polyethyleneimine modified fluorescent carbon dots and their application in cell labeling.

  title={Polyethyleneimine modified fluorescent carbon dots and their application in cell labeling.},
  author={Baofu Han and Wenxing Wang and Hongyan Wu and Fang Fang and Naizhi Wang and Xiujuan Zhang and Shukun Xu},
  journal={Colloids and surfaces. B, Biointerfaces},
Fluorescent carbon dots (CDs) were solvothermaly synthesized in water-glycol medium by using glucose as carbon source and then modified with polyethyleneimine (PEI) for the first time to improve fluorescence quality. The as-prepared CDs were monodispersed sphere particles with a diameter of about 7.5 nm, emitting strong fluorescence which is excitation wavelength-dependent, with a quantum yield of 3.5%. After PEI modification, there was a 300-fold enhancement in fluorescence intensity and also… CONTINUE READING


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