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Polycrystalline indium-doped ZnO thin films: preparation and characterization

  title={Polycrystalline indium-doped ZnO thin films: preparation and characterization},
  author={Saliha Ilican and Yasemin Caglar and Mujdat Caglar and Binnaz Demirci},
  journal={Journal of Optoelectronics and Advanced Materials},
Zinc oxide (ZnO) and indium-doped zinc oxide (IZO) thin films have been deposited onto glass substrates by the spray pyrolysis method. The variations of the structural, electrical and optical properties with the indium incorporation were investigated. The crystal structure and orientation of the ZnO and IZO thin films were investigated by XRD patterns. All the deposited films are polycrystalline in nature. The grain sizes were calculated almost 31-36 nm. Morphological characterization and… 

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