Polyclonal antibodies against NCAM and tenascin delay endplate reinnervation.

  title={Polyclonal antibodies against NCAM and tenascin delay endplate reinnervation.},
  author={B Langenfeld-Oster and Andreas Faissner and Andrey Irintchev and Anton Wernig},
  journal={Journal of neurocytology},
  volume={23 10},
Experiments were performed to block molecules with antibodies which are upregulated in nerve and muscle following denervation. The delay in endplate reinnervation was taken as a measure for their involvement in regeneration. Gluteus maximus muscles of 86 male CBA/J mice were hemidenervated by freezing the caudal gluteal nerve at a defined position. The degree of reinnervation was evaluated in identified endplates by repeated vital staining of ACh receptors with rhodaminated alpha-bungarotoxin… CONTINUE READING