Polycistronic coexpression and nondenaturing purification of histone octamers.

  title={Polycistronic coexpression and nondenaturing purification of histone octamers.},
  author={Yoonjung Shim and Ming-Rui Duan and Xuejing Chen and Michael J. Smerdon and J Min},
  journal={Analytical biochemistry},
  volume={427 2},
Histone octamers are the basic building blocks of chromatin and are platforms for diverse genetic mechanisms. We report a simple method for preparing recombinant histone octamers by overexpressing all four histones from a single polycistronic vector followed by standard chromatography under native conditions. This approach reduces the time needed for the octamer preparation to a single day and should be applicable to making a variety of unmodified and modified histone octamers. 

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