Poly-gene fusion transcripts and chromothripsis in prostate cancer.

  title={Poly-gene fusion transcripts and chromothripsis in prostate cancer.},
  author={Chunxiao Wu and Alexander W Wyatt and Andrew W McPherson and Dong Dai Lin and Brian McConeghy and Fan Mo and Robert Shukin and A. V. Lapuk and Steven J. M. Jones and Yongjun Zhao and Marco A. Marra and Martin E. Gleave and Stanislav V. Volik and Yuzhuo Wang and S{\"u}leyman Cenk Sahinalp and Colin Collins},
  journal={Genes, chromosomes & cancer},
  volume={51 12},
Complex genome rearrangements are frequently observed in cancer but their impact on tumor molecular biology is largely unknown. Recent studies have identified a new phenomenon involving the simultaneous generation of tens to hundreds of genomic rearrangements, called chromothripsis. To understand the molecular consequences of these events, we sequenced the genomes and transcriptomes of two prostate tumors exhibiting evidence of chromothripsis. We identified several complex fusion transcripts… CONTINUE READING