Poly-drug and marijuana use among adults who primarily used methamphetamine.

  title={Poly-drug and marijuana use among adults who primarily used methamphetamine.},
  author={Diane M. Herbeck and Mary-Lynn Brecht and Katherine Lovinger and Adnan Raihan and Dayna Christou and Patricia Sheaff},
  journal={Journal of psychoactive drugs},
  volume={45 2},
This study examines health and legal problems associated with use of commonly reported substances and combinations of substances in a sample of adults with long histories of methamphetamine (meth) use. Data are from a 2009-11 eight-year follow-up interview in an intensive natural history study (N = 373). Respondents who had not used illicit substances in the year preceding the follow-up interview (38%) were compared to users of marijuana-only (16%), meth-only (7%), and poly-drug users who used… CONTINUE READING