Poly(ionic liquid)s: An update

  title={Poly(ionic liquid)s: An update},
  author={Jiayin Yuan and David Mecerreyes and Markus Antonietti},
  journal={Progress in Polymer Science},
Abstract This review presents a literature survey of recent work on poly(ionic liquid)s or polymerized ionic liquids (PILs), a class of polyelectrolytes that has attracted rapidly increasing interest over the past few years. The review begins with a short explanation of the interconnection as well as the intrinsic differences between PILs and ionic liquids. Recently reported PIL homopolymers with new chemical structures and synthetic trends are introduced as a complement to the overall PIL… Expand
Poly(ionic liquid) colloidal particles
Abstract In recent years a subclass of polyelectrolytes named poly(ionic liquid)s (PILs) have attracted intensive interest in the field of polymer and materials science due to some of their unusualExpand
Frontiers in poly(ionic liquid)s: syntheses and applications.
Novel chemical structures, different synthetic strategies and controllable morphologies are introduced as a supplement to PIL systems already reported, and the primary properties determining applications, such as ionic conductivity, aqueous solubility, thermodynamic stability and electrochemical/chemical durability are discussed. Expand
Poly(ionic liquid)s with engineered nanopores for energy and environmental applications
Abstract Poly(ionic liquid) (PIL) integrates some intrinsic characteristics of ionic liquids (ILs) with classic merits of polymeric materials, and opens up a new dimension to research ionic polymers.Expand
Recent Advances in Innovative Polymer Electrolytes based on Poly(ionic liquid)s
Abstract This article reviews the general strategies for the design of innovative polymer electrolytes using poly(ionic liquid)s. First, we review the properties of poly(ionic liquid)s as solidExpand
Poly(ionic liquid)s with controlled architectures and their use in the making of ionogels with high conductivity and tunable rheological properties
We describe the preparation as well as the electrochemical and mechanical properties of a series of novel well-defined poly(ionic liquids) (PILs) featuring a finely tuned cross-linking ratio. WeExpand
Poly(ionic liquid) composites.
This review summarizes recent developments of PIL composites with a special emphasis on the preparation techniques that are based on the intrinsic properties of the PILs and the synergistic effects between the P ILs and substances of interest for diverse applications. Expand
Ionic Liquids and Poly(ionic liquid)s for Morphosynthesis of Inorganic Materials.
An outlook on several development opportunities that could lead to new advancements of this exciting research field of synthetic inorganic chemistry is provided. Expand
Ionic liquids and poly(ionic liquid)s for 3D printing – A focused mini-review
Abstract Ionic liquids are a class of materials with unique physicochemical properties and intriguing preorganized and tunable solvent structures. Recent usage of ionic liquids as precursors,Expand
Imidazolium-Based Poly(Ionic Liquid) Block Copolymers
Poly(ionic liquid)s (PILs) have been recently introduced into block copolymer (BCP) architectures to combine the specific properties of PILs, such as responsiveness to ion exchange, ionicExpand
Research Progress in Frontiers of Poly(Ionic Liquid)s: A Review
ABSTRACT Polymeric ionic liquids or poly(ionic liquid)s combine unique properties of ionic liquids with macromolecular characteristics. One of the spotlights of review was to identify potential areasExpand


Poly(ionic liquid)s: Polymers expanding classical property profiles
In recent years, polymeric/polymerized ionic liquids or poly(ionic liquid)s (PILs) were found to take an enabling role in some fields of polymer chemistry and material science. PILs combine theExpand
Solvent-reversible poration in ionic liquid copolymers.
A synthetic strategy for obtaining reversible solvent-induced porous polymers using a surfactant based on a polymerizable ionic liquid (IL) comprising a polar imidazolium group and a hydrophobic tail is presented. Expand
Polymeric ionic liquids: Broadening the properties and applications of polyelectrolytes
The introduction of new ionic moieties, cations and anions, is extending the properties and classical applications of polyelectrolytes. These new polyelectrolytes are being named polymeric ionicExpand
Main-chain 1,2,3-triazolium-based poly(ionic liquid)s issued from AB + AB click chemistry polyaddition
INTRODUCTION Poly(ionic liquid)s (PILs) are peculiar polyelectrolytes where the cationic or anionic centers are included in the repeating units of the polymer chain. PILs have been actively appliedExpand
Advanced applications of ionic liquids in polymer science
Abstract Ionic liquids (ILs) are continuing as important media in which to effect various kinds of polymerizations, and it is particularly noteworthy that ionic polymerizations are being developed inExpand
The Design of Polymeric Ionic Liquids for the Preparation of Functional Materials
The tunability of the chemical composition of ionic liquids (ILs), achieved by pairing various organic cations with numerous anions, allows for fine control of their physicochemical properties andExpand
Self-assembly of poly(ionic liquid)s: polymerization, mesostructure formation, and directional alignment in one step.
Unidirectional superassembly to a nanoworm mesostructure is found at elevated concentrations, indicating that the ionic liquid liposomes are apt to integrate into further hierarchical assembly schemes. Expand
Formation of a Liquid-Crystalline Interpenetrating Poly(ionic liquid) Network Hydrogel
Preparation of a liquid-crystalline ionic-liquid (IL)-based interpenetrating polymer network (IPN) is described. The IPN is prepared sequentially by first photopolymerizing a self-assembled aqueousExpand
Facile synthesis of supramolecular ionic polymers that combine unique rheological, ionic conductivity, and self-healing properties.
The supramolecular ionic polymers show a sharp rheological transition from a viscoelastic gel to a viscous liquid between 30 and 80 °C, responsible for an unprecedented jump in ionic conductivity of four orders of magnitude in that temperature range. Expand
Formation of a Biomimetic, Liquid-Crystalline Hydrogel by Self-Assembly and Polymerization of an Ionic Liquid
Preparation and polymerization of a methylimidazolium-based ionic liquid (IL) that incorporates an acryloyl moiety at the terminus of a C8 alkyl chain is described. The IL monomer weaklyExpand