Polonium 210Po in the phytobenthos from Puck Bay.

  title={Polonium 210Po in the phytobenthos from Puck Bay.},
  author={Bogdan Skwarzec and John A. Ulatowski and Dagmara I. Strumińska and Jerzy Falandysz},
  journal={Journal of environmental monitoring : JEM},
  volume={5 2},
The aim of the work was to determine the 210Po content in phytobenthos species (seaweeds and angiosperms) from Puck Bay (southern Baltic). Alpha spectrometry was used to measure and calculate the activities and concentrations of polonium 210Po in the phytobenthos. The activity of 210Po in Puck Bay waters was determined to estimate the bioconcentration factors (BCF) of these plants. The 210Po concentration in water was estimated at 0.25 mBq dm(-3). The lowest polonium concentration in the… CONTINUE READING