Pollution in P2P file sharing systems

  title={Pollution in P2P file sharing systems},
  author={Jian Liang and Rakesh Kumar and Y. Xi and Keith W. Ross},
  journal={Proceedings IEEE 24th Annual Joint Conference of the IEEE Computer and Communications Societies.},
  pages={1174-1185 vol. 2}
One way to combat P2P file sharing of copyrighted content is to deposit into the file sharing systems large volumes of polluted files. Without taking sides in the file sharing debate, in this paper we undertake a measurement study of the nature and magnitude of pollution in the FastTrack P2P network, currently the most popular P2P file sharing system. We develop a crawling platform which crawls the majority of the FastTrack Network's 20,000+ supernodes in less than 60 minutes. From the raw data… CONTINUE READING
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