Pollination ofOphrys (Orchidaceae) in Cyprus

  title={Pollination ofOphrys (Orchidaceae) in Cyprus},
  author={Hannes F. Paulus and Claudia Gack},
  journal={Plant Systematics and Evolution},
In the southern part of Cyprus the pollinator —Ophrys (Orchidaceae) relationships and its specifity have been investigated from the end of February until the middle of March 1986. 12Ophrys spp. were found. To date, only a single pollinator reference has been reported from this island. We found the following pollinators:Melecta tuberculata (Ophrys kotschyi),Eucera dimidiata (Ophrys flavomarginata),Eucera gaullei (Ophrys umbilicata),Eucera paulusi (Ophrys bornmuelleri),Anthophora erschowi (Ophrys… CONTINUE READING