Pollination: Self-fertilization strategy in an orchid

  title={Pollination: Self-fertilization strategy in an orchid},
  author={K. Liu and Z. Liu and Laiqiang Huang and Li-qiang Li and L. Chen and Guang-da Tang},
  • K. Liu, Z. Liu, +3 authors Guang-da Tang
  • Published 2006
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Nature
  • Mating in flowering plants normally relies on animals, wind, gravity or secretion to convey pollen grains from the male (anther) to the female (stigma) organ. Here we describe a new type of self-pollination mechanism in the tree-living orchid Holcoglossum amesianum, in which the bisexual flower turns its anther against gravity through 360° in order to insert pollen into its own stigma cavity — without the aid of any pollinating agent or medium. This mode of self-pollination, which occurs under… CONTINUE READING
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