Pollen-tube growth and fertilization mode in Gymnostoma (Casuarinaceae): their characteristics and evolution

  title={Pollen-tube growth and fertilization mode in Gymnostoma (Casuarinaceae): their characteristics and evolution},
  author={Akiko Sogo and Tanguy Jaffr{\'e} and Hiroshi Tobe},
  journal={Journal of Plant Research},
A unique mode of fertilization called “chalazogamy”, whereby the pollen tube passes through the chalaza instead of the micropyle, is known in several species of derived genera in Casuarinaceae. In this paper we report the occurrence of chalazogamy in Gymnostoma (G. poissonianum), the most primitive genus in the family. We also show that the pollen tube grows discontinuously from the stigma to ovules in about 3 months. At the time of pollination, the ovules have not yet formed in the ovary, and… CONTINUE READING


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