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Pollen morphology in the Anthocercideae (Solanaceae)

  title={Pollen morphology in the Anthocercideae (Solanaceae)},
  author={Sandra Knapp and Peter J. Stafford and Viveca Persson},
Phylogenetic relationships in Nicotiana (Solanaceae) inferred from multiple plastid DNA regions.
Parsimony and Bayesian analyses yielded identical relationships for the diploids, and these are consistent with other data, producing the best-supported phylogenetic assessment currently available for the genus Nicotiana.
Pollen morphology and systematics of the zygomorphic‐flowered nightshades (Solanaceae; Salpiglossideae sensu D'Arcy, 1978 and Cestroideae sensu D'Arcy, 1991, pro parte): A review
Palynological evidence does not appear to support present generic limits, and a preliminary set of taxonomically and potentially phylogenetically useful pollen characters is presented.
Phylogenetics of Tribe Anthocercideae (Solanaceae) Based on ndhF and trnL/F Sequence Data
The phylogeny was used to test the tribe's monophyly, discover relationships within the tribe, and make inferences on character evolution and biogeography, and several characters were inferred to be derived within the Anthocercideae.
Floral diversity and evolution in the Solanaceae
The potential for future developmental work on the evolution of floral form in the Solanaceae is examined, particularly in relation to taxa with potential as model organisms such as Petunia and Nicotiana, which are well understood at the genetic level.