Pollen morphology in Sicydium(Cucurbitaceae, Zanonioideae)

  title={Pollen morphology in Sicydium(Cucurbitaceae, Zanonioideae)},
  author={Rafael Lira and J. L. Alvarado and M. L. Ayala-Nieto},
The pollen grains of seven species of the genus Sicydium Schlechtendal (Cucurbitaceae, Zanonioideae, Zanonieae, Sicydiinae) are described and illustrated using both light and scanning electron microscopes. The species included in the study were: S. araguense Steyermark et Trujillo, S. daviliae Lira, S. diffusum Cogn., S. gracile Cogn., S. schiedeanum Schlechtendal, S. tamnifolium (H.B.K.) Cogn., and S. tuerckheimii J. D. Smith. The analysis of the palynological information obtained showed that… Expand