Pollen analyses from a 50 000-yr rodent midden series in the southern Atacama Desert ( 25 30 0 S )

  title={Pollen analyses from a 50 000-yr rodent midden series in the southern Atacama Desert ( 25 30 0 S )},
  author={Luis Carlos Betancourt and Claudio Latorre and Carolina Villagr{\'a}n},
Precipitation in northern Chile is controlled by two great wind belts—the southern westerlies over the southern Atacama and points south (> 24 S) and the tropical easterlies over the northern and central Atacama Desert (16–24 S). At the intersection of these summer and winter rainfall regimes, respectively, is a Mars-like landscape consisting of expansive surfaces devoid of vegetation (i.e. absolute desert) except in canyons that originate high enough to experience runoff once every few years… CONTINUE READING
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