Pollen Aperture Polymorphism and Gametophyte Performance in Viola Diversifolia.

  title={Pollen Aperture Polymorphism and Gametophyte Performance in Viola Diversifolia.},
  author={Isabelle Dajoz and Ir{\`e}ne Till-Bottraud and Pierre-Henri Gouyon},
  journal={Evolution; international journal of organic evolution},
  volume={47 4},
Pollen aperture polymorphism is studied in Viola diversifolia, where all plants produce three- and four-apertured pollen grains. We tested whether there are genetic differences among plants for the proportions of the different pollen morphs, and whether the morphs differ in gametophytic performance. Results show that the more apertures a pollen grain has, the more quickly it germinates but that few-apertured pollen grains have faster growing pollen tubes and longer life expectancies. The… CONTINUE READING

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