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Pollen Analyses of the Sediments of Plitvička jezera (Lakes of Plitvice)

  title={Pollen Analyses of the Sediments of Plitvi{\vc}ka jezera (Lakes of Plitvice)},
  author={Metka Culiberg and Alojz {\vS}ercelj},
  journal={Acta Botanica Croatica},
Karbonizirani biljni ostaci kasnobrončanodobnog lokaliteta Kalnik-Igrišče
U ovom su radu analizirani arheobotanicki uzorci sakupljeni 2007. i 2008. godine iz kasnobroncanodobne nastambe s lokaliteta Kalnik-Igrisce. Ukupn
Extinction of Fen and Bog Plants and their Habitats in Croatia
Although the fens and bogs of Croatia have already been acknowledged as the nation’s most endangered habitats by Croatia’s National Strategy on Biodiversity Protection, the situation continues to
The development of vegetation in the inland area of Croatia during the Postglacial period
[o{tari}, R.: The development of vegetation in the inland area of Croatia during the Postglacial period. Nat. Croat., Vol. 13, No. 4, 357–369, 2004, Zagreb. A review of the development of the
Genetic Structure of Fagus sylvatica L. Populations in Southeastern Europe
Primary component analysis (PCA) based on allelic frequencies extracted 4 groups of populations: Rhodopes; Shars-Pindus range; Dinaric Alps and low Pannonic mountain ranges; Biokovo Mountain and Istrian Peninsula, well associated with geographical and climatic conditions.
Excavations at Opovo, 1985–1987: Socioeconomic Change in the Balkan Neolithic
AbstractThis is the second preliminary report of excavations and analyses of Opovo-Ugar Bajbuk, a Neolithic settlement of the Vinca-Plocnik culture located in the lower Tamis river valley, NE