Politics versus architecture: the Alexandra Road public enquiry of 1978–1981

  title={Politics versus architecture: the Alexandra Road public enquiry of 1978–1981},
  author={Mark Swenarton},
  journal={Planning Perspectives},
  pages={423 - 446}
Designed in 1968–1969 by Neave Brown, Camden's Alexandra Road scheme in London is one of the most architecturally celebrated social housing schemes in Britain. But the project overran on both time and budget and before it was completed Camden's councillors launched a public enquiry (1978–1981) to find out what had gone wrong. Behind this lay much broader political changes, with radically different remedies to the economic crisis of the 1970s proposed by hard left and new right. Drawing on the… 
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Geared to producing ideas, with the emphasis on youth: the creation of the Camden borough architect's department under Sydney Cook

The housing projects designed by Camden borough council in London in the period 1965–73 when Sydney Cook was borough architect—which include Fleet Road, Alexandra Road, Highgate New Town, Branch Hill

Developing a new format for urban housing: Neave Brown and the design of Camden's Fleet Road estate

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Post-War Britain: A Political History

The General Election of 1945 the Labour government, 1945 the Labour government, 1950-51 the Churchill government, 1951-5 Eden's premiership, 1955-7 the start of the Macmillan era, 1957-4 the

Property Companies and the Construction Industry in Britain

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GuanJu as the first paragaph of Feng poetry,with the politicalization of the Book of Songs,the folk singable poem rose to classical works and became the exemplar of Confucian political teaching.But

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