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Politics of Environment — Ii

  title={Politics of Environment — Ii},
  author={Anil Kumar Agarwal},
It looks as if environment is an idea whose time has come. Newspapers give prominent display to environmental horror stories. Editorials demand better management of natural resources. Government statements on the need to preserve the environment are commonplace. Government programmes, too, are quite numerous and increasing in number day by day. There are massive schemes for afforestation, for instance. In the last four years, some 1,000 crore seedlings are said to have been distributed or… 

The Politics of Environment: The Approach and the Issues

The environment has added a new dimension to the po litical analysis in the current world. The environmental degradation and its harsh consequences have led the interests of academics to understand

Ecosystem Services: Origins, Contributions, Pitfalls, and Alternatives

The concept of ecosystem services (ES) has taken the environmental science and policy literature by storm, and has become almost the approach to thinking about and assessing the nature-society



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