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Politics by other means: Rhizomes of power in Argentina's social movements

  title={Politics by other means: Rhizomes of power in Argentina's social movements},
  author={Graciela Monteagudo},
Territories in contestation: relational power in Latin America
ABSTRACT Territories in contestation: relational power in Latin America. Territory, Politics, Governance. Situated in geography’s recent territorial (re)turn, and drawing on Latin American theory andExpand
Foucault, social movements and heterotopic horizons: rupturing the order of things
Abstract In this article, we explore and develop the utility for social movement studies of Michel Foucault’s conceptualization of heterotopia. Informed by Foucault’s theorizing, we propose aExpand
Neoliberal Workfare and the Battle for Grassroots Control in Argentina
While the vast majority of the academic literature on the popular classes and social programs in Argentina revolves around the concept of clientelism, it has largely ignored organizations thatExpand


The Powers of Freedom
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Política y subjetividad. Asambleas barriales y fábricas recuperadas
espanolSe resena la tercera edicion de Politica y subjetividad. Asambleas barriales y fabricas recuperadas, de Fernandez y equipo. El libro aborda la relacion entre politica y subjetividad enExpand
El papel del Estado
Bodies in Crisis: An Introduction
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The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism
Beyond NGO‐ization?: Reflections from Latin America
Sonia Alvarez reconsiders what she had earlier labelled ‘the Latin American feminist NGO boom’ of the 1990s and proposes that Latin American feminisms and other social movements may be moving away from the particular organizational forms and practices that characterized NGO‐ization in the past. Expand
Continuidades, Rupturas y Tensiones de Género en la Militancia
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Performing Networks at Direct-Action Protests