Politics and the political in critical discourse studies: state of the art and a call for an intensified focus on the metapolitical dimension of discursive practice

  title={Politics and the political in critical discourse studies: state of the art and a call for an intensified focus on the metapolitical dimension of discursive practice},
  author={Jan Zienkowski},
  journal={Critical Discourse Studies},
  pages={131 - 148}
  • Jan Zienkowski
  • Published 19 October 2018
  • Sociology
  • Critical Discourse Studies
ABSTRACT Based on an overview of the ways in which politics and the political have been thought in critical discourse analysis (CDA), the author calls for a focus on the metapolitical dimension of discourse. The author develops his notion of metapolitics on the basis of post-foundational insights into politics, the political and processes of (de-) politicization. Metapolitics refers to projects and struggles where conflicting modes and models of politics clash. Metapolitical debates potentially… 
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