Politics and poetry in the works of Shalom Shabazī

  title={Politics and poetry in the works of Shalom Shabazī},
  author={Yosef Tobi},
  journal={Israel Affairs},
  pages={240 - 255}
  • Y. Tobi
  • Published 3 April 2014
  • History
  • Israel Affairs
The poetry of Yemen from its inception, at least as it has been known to us since the twelfth century, was liturgical poetry, connected to religious worship. A revolutionary change occurred with the verse of Yosef ben Israel (late sixteenth and early seventeenth centuries), and even more so with that of his younger relative, Shalom Shabazī (1619–80s). This happened as a result of the severe deterioration in the status of the Yemenite Jews after the rise of the Zaydī dynasty in 1629. The poetry… 


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