Politics and Social Structure.

  title={Politics and Social Structure.},
  author={Edward A. Tiryakian and Talcott Parsons},
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Educational politics in Thailand: A case of the 1999 National Education Act
The purpose of this study was to understand educational policy-making and politics in Thailand. The researcher sought to answer the questions “What is the nature of Thai politics?” and “What is the
Soziale Integration und politische Institutionen in modernen Gesellschaften
Im Unterschied zu zeitgenossischen Diagnosen uber den Zustand moderner Gesellschaften, geht die Analyse davon aus, das die These der Desintegration dieser Gesellschaften empirisch vollig ungeklart
Information Technology Infrastructure: Global Economy and National Development in Haiti
Information Technology Infrastructure: Global Economy and National Development in Haiti by Reynolds Alcéna MS, Tuskegee University, 2005 BS, Rollins College, 1978 Dissertation Submitted in Partial
Реформа бюрократии глазами российских политических лидеров
Аннотация. В статье исследуется вопрос о том, как встроены программы реформирования государственной службы в политический дискурс и как зависит содержание этих программ от политических изменений в
Connecting Political Communication with Urban Politics: A Bourdieusian Framework
In this article, I connect political communication with urban politics by conceptualizing an interdisciplinary urban politics research framework. Drawing on Pierre Bourdieu’s theories of practice and
Power Imbalance and Rating Systems
This work demonstrates how power imbalance affects mutual ratings using a massive dataset from CouchSurng.org, an international online hospitality exchange network, and finds support for status-giving as a likely mechanism driving the asymmetry of ratings between power-unequal users.
Le pilotage médico-pharmaceutique : vers une plus grande légitimité de la pharmacie hospitalière par la coopération avec les services cliniques : cas de recherches-interventions en hôpital public
Le droit a la sante est un droit universel des peuples, reconnu internationalement par l’Organisation mondiale de la sante et en France par le code de la sante publique. Mais l’evolution de la
Reconsidering geography and power: policy ensembles, spatial knowledge, and the quest for consistent imagination
.................................................................................................. 7 INTRODUCTION
“I’m a Jesus feminist”: Understandings of Faith, Gender, and Feminism Among Christian Women
The emergence of the Christian Right and the feminist movement in the mid-tolate 20th century have had a significant impact on the political, psychological, and social landscape of the U.S., and this
Nationalization, modernization and symbolic media: towards a comparative historical sociology of the nation-state
»Nationalisierung, Modernisierung und Symbolische Medien: Eine historische-vergleichende Soziologie des Nationalstaates«. In the formation process of the nation-state, there took place processes