Politics, Society and the Decline of Islam in Cyprus: From the Ottoman Era to the Twenty-First Century

  title={Politics, Society and the Decline of Islam in Cyprus: From the Ottoman Era to the Twenty-First Century},
  author={Altay Nevzat and Mete Hatay},
  journal={Middle Eastern Studies},
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The definition of Turkish nationhood after the founding of the Republic has been evaluated and labelled very differently by various scholars. The classical view paralleled the official representation of Republican policies in describing Turkish nationhood as being based on a civic and territorial understanding of nationality. More recent and much more critical scholarship, which enjoys a near-hegemonic position in the study of Turkish nationalism today, claims that the official definition of… 
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In this introductory chapter, Christofis and Kyritsi introduce the reader into the history of nationalism in modern and contemporary Cyprus. The scope of the analysis is a historical approach to
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Cyprus came under British control in 1878. At this time the Western-based orientalist mind-set, which saw ‘Ottoman’ as a synonym for stagnation was at its zenith, and this view was strategically
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Abstract This article exemplifies the politicisation of religious education that has polarised the Turkish Cypriot community and explores a possible approach to religious education for primary


The rise of competing nationalisms in Cyprus first drew world attention in the 1950's, yet the origins of nationalism in Cyprus can clearly be traced to the closing stages of Ottoman rule on the
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The reaction of Cypriot Islam to Turkish Nationalism and to the westernisation which Atatiirk enforced in Turkey is of peculiar interest, since Cyprus is one of the few parts of the former Ottoman
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An Economic and Social History of the Ottoman Empire
List of maps List of figures List of tables Genealogy of the Ottoman dynasty Chronology of Ottoman history, 1260-1923 Preface List of abbreviations General maps General introduction Halil Inalcik and
The Fate of Dervish Property Under Ottoman Administration in the Nineteenth Century
  • 1990
Kıbrıs Türk Maarif Tarihi, 1571–1968 (Lefkoşa: Halkın
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Aporias of Identity and the ‘‘Cyprus Problem’’
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Imagining the Modern: the Cultures of Nationalism in Cyprus