Politicking the personal: examining academic literature and British National Party beliefs and wishes about intimate interracial relationships and mixed heritage

  title={Politicking the personal: examining academic literature and British National Party beliefs and wishes about intimate interracial relationships and mixed heritage},
  author={Mike Sutton and Barbara Perry},
  journal={Information \& Communications Technology Law},
  pages={83 - 98}
Drawing heavily on our earlier work in this area (Perry and Sutton 2006; forthcoming), this article discusses the issue of intimate interracial relationships (IIRs) within the context of the UK Government's current concerns with social cohesion and provides an overview of the literature on hate and prejudice against those in IIRs in the UK and USA. Following an examination of the official statistics and the numbers of mixed race people in England and Wales, we move on to provide a brief but… 

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Seeing Red over Black and White: Popular and Media Representations of Inter-racial Relationships as Precursors to Racial Violence

The recent U.K. murder of Anthony Walker attests to the lingering antipathy, indeed hostility, toward intimate inter-racial relationships, especially those involving black men and white women.

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