Politicizing Power Between the Imperial Female and the Malay Other in Emily Innes’s The Chersonese With The Gilding Off

  title={Politicizing Power Between the Imperial Female and the Malay Other in Emily Innes’s The Chersonese With The Gilding Off},
  author={Hanita Hanim Ismail and Wan Roselezam wan Yahya},
  journal={International Journal of Comparative Literature and Translation Studies},
The autobiographical writing by Emily Innes’s The Chersonese with the Gliding offer corded experiences and turbulence underwent by a White officer’s wife to Malaya with an underlying western perspectives and impression on the country during pre-Independence period and its people. By using narrative data, this article examines existing power relations, framed within interactions between the white lady (representing the Self) and her Malay male servants (as the Other). The use of Michel Foucault… 


This paper emerged from a personal set of observations on the evolving male gender roles, currently drawing attention in Malaysia. As such, the study adds to the budding literature on Malay men and

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  • A. B. Shamsul
  • History, Sociology
    Journal of Southeast Asian Studies
  • 2001
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