Political violence and terror: Arendtian reflections

  title={Political violence and terror: Arendtian reflections},
  author={Dana Richard Villa},
  journal={Ethics \& Global Politics},
  pages={113 - 97}
  • D. Villa
  • Published 1 January 2008
  • Art
  • Ethics & Global Politics
This essay takes a critical look at the rubric ‘Age of Terror,’ a rubric which has enjoyed a certain amount of theoretical and philosophical cachet in recent years. My argument begins by noting the continuity between this hypostatization and contemporary ‘War on Terror’ rhetoric, a continuity that is, in certain respects, ironic given the politics of the ‘Age of Terror’ theorists. It then moves—via Machiavelli, Max Weber, and Hannah Arendt—to a consideration of the topics of state violence (on… 

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Hannah Arendt, victim and witness of totalitarian violence, confronted the glorification of violence with her philosophical and political theory. However, she was not a pacifist, because she was

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