Political hibernation in‐between elections? Exploring the online communication and mobilisation capacities of Nigeria's political parties

  title={Political hibernation in‐between elections? Exploring the online communication and mobilisation capacities of Nigeria's political parties},
  author={Temitayo Isaac Odeyemi and Gideon Uchechukwu Igwebueze and Omomayowa Olawale Abati and Adeola Opeyemi Ogundotun},
  journal={Journal of Public Affairs},


Politics, Political Parties and the Party System in Nigeria: Who's Interest?
Party system and the administration of political parties are critical factors in determining the direction of politics and democracy. Three political parties contested at the inception of Nigeria’s
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This article focuses on the issue of candidate selection process within Nigeria's political parties. Hence the article argues that in Nigeria, primary elections are the most common method of
The Twittersphere as Political Engagement Space: A Study of Social Media Usage in Election Campaigns in Nigeria
  • T. Opeibi
  • Political Science
    Digital Studies/Le champ numérique
  • 2019
This study examines how social media networks are changing the ways party politics and election campaigns are conducted in Nigeria, especially how these technologies are encouraging new ways of
Expanding the Online Political Demos but Maintaining the Status Quo? Internet and Social Media Use by Finnish Voters Prior to Elections, 2003–15
Though reinforcement/mobilisation theories regarding the impact of the Internet on citizens’ political engagement are predictive, there are few longitudinal studies on how the profile of the citizens
Voters’ Assessment of Social Media Use for 2015 Electioneering Campaigns by the two Leading Political Parties in Nigeria
This paper examined voters’ assessment of social media use for the 2015  electioneering campaigns by the two leading political parties in Nigeria. The major objectives of the study were to determine
Why Is Democracy Performing So Poorly?
The Journal of Democracy published its inaugural issue a bit past the midpoint of what Samuel P. Huntington labeled the “third wave” of democratization, right after the fall of the Berlin Wall and