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Political and economic history of British Columbia 1871-1903

  title={Political and economic history of British Columbia 1871-1903},
  author={J. A. Sherwood},
Sherwood, Jay A., M. A.,, August,. 1976 History A Political and Economic History of British Columbia, 1871 1903 (184 pp.) In 1871, British Columbia joined the Dominion of Canada, to become the sixth province of the Confedera­ tion. From 1871 to the election of Premier Richard McBride in 1903, se.veral factors retarded the economic and political growth of British Columbia. Beyond assistance in building the essential transcontinental railroad, the Dominion government did little to promote active… Expand


The Progress of Survey and Settlement in British Columbia
The year I857 marked the conclusion of the first stage of white settlement in British Columbia. At this time Victoria, the chief center, was a little hamlet of a few hundred people, chiefly retiredExpand
Some Aspects of Party History in British Columbia, 1871-1903
Party in the sense of party organization has significance for the student of history. Not only is it the agency that determines what group shall operate the machinery of government but it may also beExpand
Company Mergers in the Fraser River Salmon Canning Industry, 1885–1902
BETWEEN THE LATE 188OS and the opening years of the twentieth century fundamental changes took place in the structure of the Fraser River salmon canning industry of British Columbia. Up until theExpand
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