Political Women, Professional Nurses, and the Creation of Alberta’s District Nursing Service, 1919-1925

  title={Political Women, Professional Nurses, and the Creation of Alberta’s District Nursing Service, 1919-1925},
  author={S. Richardson},
  journal={Nursing History Review},
  pages={25 - 50}
AIbcrta'r District Nursing Service was crated in 1919 to meet needs for midwifery and emtrgtneg medical treatment in the fionticr communities of this prairie province with neither physicians nor hospitals. District Nurses provided preand postnatal m e , conducted home bids , gave emergency medical treatment, held ofice hours for nonemagent care, and provided public heath services such as physid inspection and immunization of school children.' The I9 19 Public H d t h Nurses Act legitimized… Expand
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