Political Censorship in Finnish Libraries from 1944 to 1946

  title={Political Censorship in Finnish Libraries from 1944 to 1946},
  author={Kai Ekholm},
  journal={Libraries \& Culture},
  pages={51 - 57}
  • Kai Ekholm
  • Published 1 February 2001
  • History
  • Libraries & Culture
Ekholm presents an overview of the forms that library censorship took in postwar Finland when the country was under the auspices of a Soviet Controlling Commission (Valvontakomissio). He demonstrates that censorship of library materials followed patterns long established in the Soviet Union. Most censorship involved the "unshelving" of "politically incorrect" (i.e., anti-Soviet) books. Nazi materials were also removed (292 copies of Mein Kampf alone). Ekholm then explores the context of Soviet… 
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There are many definitions of Soviet censorship in different scientific research studies. Censorship is a complex phenomenon. It is not only a control of the public sector (press and mass media).
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