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Polis & politics : studies in ancient Greek history : presented to Mogens Herman Hansen on his sixtieth birthday, August 20, 2000

  title={Polis \& politics : studies in ancient Greek history : presented to Mogens Herman Hansen on his sixtieth birthday, August 20, 2000},
  author={Mogens Herman Hansen and Pernille Flensted-Jensen and Thomas Heine Nielsen and Lene Rubinstein},
This book contains 35 articles, devoted to different aspects of the Greek polis, and is intended not only as a present for 'Mogens Herman Hansen' on his sixtieth birthday, but also as a way of thanking him, for his significant contributions to the field of Greek history over the past three decades. 
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The Way We Used to Eat: Diet, Community, and History at Rome
  • N. Purcell
  • History
    American journal of philology
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It is argued that Roman ideas of cultural and social history already took an interest in changing foodways at this time, and developed this material in his treatise, On the Life of the Roman People.
Individus, groupes et politique à Athènes de Solon à Mithridate
On sait combien l'historiographie francaise a eu tendance, dans un passe revolu, a placer Athenes au centre du monde grec. L'athenocentrisme, dont la cristallisation remonte sans doute a Victor
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1. Introduction: egalitarianism, ambition, and the disciples of Thrace 2. Thrace as resource and refuge I: the Pisistratids to Thucydides 3. Thrace as resource and refuge II: Alcibiades to Iphicrates
The Tippling Serpent in the Art of Lakonia and Beyond
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Kleisthenes, participation, and the dithyrambic contests of late archaic and classical Athens
Ancient literary evidence and demography confirms that the demands and opportunity cost of dithyrambic participation impeded non-elite Athenian boys and men from joining a chorus of their tribe. They
Introduction: Citizenship as Cultural Flow—Shifting Paradigms, Hybridization, or Plus ça Change?
Citizens are the basic building blocks of modern states. Citizenship, in this sense, is the essence of political order. It conflates the right to reside and move about within the national territory,
Atarbos' base and the Panathenaia
Re-examination of the well-known Atarbos base in the Akropolis Museum shows that the monument had two distinct phases which have generally been ignored in previous discussions: it originally
Abstract:Continuing excavation on the South Acropolis at Azoria in northeastern Crete has exposed buildings of Archaic date (7th-early 5th century b.c.) that served communal or public functions. Work
Scratching the Surface: A Preliminary Report on the 2004 and 2005 Seasons from the Urban Survey Project at Kastro Kallithea (“Peuma”), Thessaly. Part I: Introduction and Architecture
Une campagne de prospection menée par 1’équipe gréco-canadienne sur le site de Kastro Kallithea a révélé plusieurs périodes d’occupation. L’Âge du Fer est représenté, au pied de la collide, par