Policy-based exception handling for BPEL processes


Aiming to improving the exception handling capacity of BPEL process, this paper explores a policy-based exception handling method for BPEL processes. The paper propose a policy-based exception handling description language EHPDL-P, and design a framework to support the implementation mechanism of exception handling process based on EHPDL-P. Finally, through a case study from the domain of Manufacturing Execution System, this paper demonstrates the policy-based exception handling approach for BPEL processes.

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@article{Wang2012PolicybasedEH, title={Policy-based exception handling for BPEL processes}, author={Quanyu Wang and Shi Ying and Jing Wen and Guobin Lv}, journal={2012 IEEE International Conference on Information Science and Technology}, year={2012}, pages={326-331} }