Policosanol content and composition in perilla seeds.

  title={Policosanol content and composition in perilla seeds.},
  author={Prakash Babu Adhikari and Keum Taek Hwang and Jae Nam Park and Choong Ki Kim},
  journal={Journal of agricultural and food chemistry},
  volume={54 15},
Policosanols, long-chain alcohols, have many beneficial physiological activities. Contents and compositions in perilla seeds (Perilla frutescens) produced in Korea and China were determined. Waxy materials were extracted from perilla seeds using hot hexane. Yield of the waxy materials from perilla seeds was 72.1 mg/100 g of dry weight. Contents and compositions of the waxy materials and policosanols were identified and quantified by TLC, HPLC, and GC. Major components of the waxy materials from… CONTINUE READING


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