Police brutality-answers to key questions

  title={Police brutality-answers to key questions},
  author={Albert J. Reiss,},
  • A. Reiss,
  • Published 1 July 1968
  • Sociology
  • Trans-action

Police Officer Decision-making in Dispute Encounters: Digging Deeper into the ‘Black Box’

In an effort to expand existing knowledge on police decision-making behavior, this research utilized data from a systematic social observation of police (The Project on Policing Neighborhoods) to

Examining Officer and Citizen Accounts of Police Use-of-Force Incidents

This study contributes to the body of knowledge of police–citizen contacts by investigating perceptions and behaviors during encounters that result in physical resistance and force. The authors use

Testing the effects of police body-worn cameras on use of force during arrests: A randomised controlled trial in a large British police force:

This study aims to assess the effect of body-worn cameras (BWCs) on police use of force, in a British police force context. We tested the effect of BWCs with a large British force in a six-month ra...

The Effect of Police Body-Worn Cameras on Use of Force and Citizens’ Complaints Against the Police: A Randomized Controlled Trial

AbstractObjectivePolice use-of-force continues to be a major source of international concern, inviting interest from academics and practitioners alike. Whether justified or unnecessary/excessive, the

The impact of TASERs on police use-of-force decisions: Findings from a randomized field-training experiment

This paper presents findings from a randomized field-training experiment designed to study the impact TASERs on police officers’ use-of-force decisions. Officers were randomly assigned to either a

Who are the problem‐prone officers? An analysis of citizen complaints

Citizen complaints filed against a small group of officers of a large police department in the south‐eastern USA were used to conduct an examination of repeat offenders and non‐repeat offenders.

A Decade of Police Use of Deadly Force Research (2011–2020)

The current study provides findings from a systematic review of the police use of deadly force literature over the most recently completed decade (2011–2020). After an exhaustive search of four

An fsQCA Analysis of Qualified Immunity and Police Use of Force: An Applied Sociology Approach

Police officers are expected to serve and protect civilians. Yet cases of police officers harming, sometimes killing, people they are expected to serve and protect have received renewed attention in

Is Police Misconduct Contagious? Non-trivial Null Findings from Dallas, Texas

Objectives Understanding if police malfeasance might be “contagious” is vital to identifying efficacious paths to police reform. Accordingly, we investigate whether an officer’s propensity to engage