Poles of inaccessibility: A calculation algorithm for the remotest places on earth

  title={Poles of inaccessibility: A calculation algorithm for the remotest places on earth},
  author={Daniel Garc{\'i}a-Castellanos and Umberto Lombardo},
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Abstract An algorithm is presented to calculate the point on the surface of a sphere maximising the great-circle distance to a given spherical polygon. This is used to calculate the spots furthest from the sea in major land masses, also known as Poles of Inaccessibility (PIA), a concept that has raised the interest of explorers. For the Eurasian pole of inaccessibility (EPIA), the results reveal a misplacement in previous calculations ranging from 156 to 435 km. Although in general there is… 
Finding Antarctica’s Pole of Inaccessibility
Abstract Antarctica’s Pole of Inaccessibility (Southern Pole of Inaccessibility (SPI)) is the point on the Antarctic continent farthest from its edge. Existing literature exhibits disagreement over
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The algorithm developed in this study (MICGIS) for the computation of MIC can be applied to both convex and concave polygons represented in vector data format and is both faster and more accurate in finding MIC compared with the alternative algorithms and software.
Optimal orientations of discrete global grids and the Poles of Inaccessibility
This study presents an algorithm for finding suitable orientations for polyhedra, and shows that Fuller's Dymaxion map corresponds closely to one of the optimal orientations it finds.
An Efficient Algorithm to Calculate the Center of the Biggest Inscribed Circle in an Irregular Polygon
An efficient algorithm to find the center of the biggest circle inscribed in a given polygon is described, inspired by the publication of Daniel Garcia-Castellanos & Umberto Lombardo and their algorithm used to find a landmass' poles of inaccessibility.
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Finding the Arctic pole of inaccessibility
ABSTRACT The Arctic pole of inaccessibility (API), defined as the point on the Arctic Ocean that is farthest from any land, is commonly asserted to lie at 84° 03′ N, 174° 51′ W. We show that the true
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Journey to the centre of the Earth
The Earth's Core, 2nd Edn.By J. A. Jacobs. Academic:1987. Pp.416. £40, $65.
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The Gobi Desert
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The Region of Maximum Inaccessibility in the Arctic