Polarons in crystalline and non-crystalline materials

  title={Polarons in crystalline and non-crystalline materials},
  author={I. Austin and N. Mott},
  journal={Advances in Physics},
  pages={757 - 812}
  • I. Austin, N. Mott
  • Published 1969
  • Materials Science
  • Advances in Physics
  • The current state of polaron theory as applicable to transition metal oxides is reviewed, including problems such as impurity conduction where disorder plays a role. An estimate is given of the conditions under which polaron formation leads to an enhancement of the mass but no hopping energy. The binding energy of a polaron to a donor or acceptor in narrow-band semiconductors is discussed. The experimental evidence about the conductivity of TiO 2 and NiO is reviewed. Impurity conduction in NiO… CONTINUE READING
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