Polarized solutions and Fermi surfaces in holographic Bose-Fermi systems

  title={Polarized solutions and Fermi surfaces in holographic Bose-Fermi systems},
  author={F. Nitti and Giuseppe Policastro and Thomas Vanel},
  journal={Journal of High Energy Physics},
A bstractWe use holography to study the ground state of a system with interacting bosonic and fermionic degrees of freedom at finite density. The gravitational model consists of Einstein-Maxwell gravity coupled to a perfect fluid of charged fermions and to a charged scalar field which interact through a current-current interaction. When the scalar field is non-trivial, in addition to compact electron stars, the screening of the fermion electric charge by the scalar condensate allows the… 

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We study phase transitions driven by fermionic double-trace deformations in gauge-gravity duality. Both the strength of the double trace deformation and the infrared conformal dimension/self-energy

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Chiral ground states in a frustrated holographic superconductor

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Holographic metals and the fractionalized fermi liquid.

There is a close correspondence between the physical properties of holographic metals near charged black holes in anti-de Sitter (AdS) space, and the fractionalized Fermi liquid phase of the lattice Anderson model, implying that certain mean-field gapless spin liquids are states of matter at nonzero density realizing the near-horizon, AdS₂ × R² physics of Reissner-Nordström black holes.

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We consider holographic superconductors whose bulk description consists of gravity minimally coupled to a Maxwell field and charged scalar field with general potential. We give an analytic argument

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Dressing the electron star in a holographic superconductor

A bstractWe construct new asymptotically AdS4 solutions dual to 2+1 CFTs at finite density and zero temperature by combining the ingredients of the electron star and the holographic superconductor.