Polarized micro-Raman studies of femtosecond laser written stress-induced optical waveguides in diamond

  title={Polarized micro-Raman studies of femtosecond laser written stress-induced optical waveguides in diamond},
  author={Bel{\'e}n Sotillo and Andrea Chiappini and Vibhav Bharadwaj and John P. Hadden and Federico Bosia and Paolo Olivero and Maurizio Ferrari and Roberta Ramponi and Paul E. Barclay and Shane M. Eaton},
  journal={arXiv: Optics},
Understanding the physical mechanisms of the refractive index modulation induced by femtosecond laser writing is crucial for tailoring the properties of the resulting optical waveguides. In this work we apply polarized Raman spectroscopy to study the origin of stress-induced waveguides in diamond, produced by femtosecond laser writing. The change in the refractive index induced by the femtosecond laser in the crystal is derived from the measured stress in the waveguides. The results help to… 

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