Polarized interacting exciton gas in quantum wells and bulk semiconductors

  title={Polarized interacting exciton gas in quantum wells and bulk semiconductors},
  author={J.Fern'andez-Rossier and C.Tejedor and L.Munoz and L.Vina},
We develop a theory to calculate exciton binding energies of both two- and three-dimensional spin polarized exciton gases within a mean field approach. Our method allows the analysis of recent experiments showing the importance of the polarization and intensity of the excitation light on the exciton luminescence of GaAs quantum wells. We study the breaking of the spin degeneracy observed at high exciton density $(5 \ \ 10^{10} cm ^2)$. Energy level splitting betwen spin +1 and spin -1 is shown… Expand
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Transient circular dichroism and exciton spin dynamics in all-inorganic halide perovskites
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