Polarized and resonant Raman spectroscopy on single InAs nanowires

  title={Polarized and resonant Raman spectroscopy on single InAs nanowires},
  author={Martin Moeller and Marco Monteiro de Lima and Andr{\'e}s Cantarero and Thalita Chiaramonte and M{\^o}nica A Cotta},
We report polarized Raman scattering and resonant Raman scattering studies on single InAs nanowires. Polarized Raman experiments show that the highest scattering intensity is obtained when both the incident and analyzed light polarizations are perpendicular to the nanowire axis. InAs wurtzite optical modes are observed. The obtained wurtzite modes are consistent with the selection rules and also with the results of calculations using an extended rigid-ion model. Additional resonant Raman… CONTINUE READING